JGAZDA | January 17, 2018

Kent, Wash. – Sunstream® Corporation, the makers of SunLift, FloatLift and SwiftShield boat lifts and cover systems is pleased to announce that Brock Dock and Patio will represent Sunstream products in the Highland Lakes region of central Texas.  “We’re excited to add Sunstream’s industry leading lineup to our portfolio and bring their innovative solutions to our customers throughout the Austin region,” stated Mike Brock, owner of Brock Dock and Patio.

Sunstream’s growth and expansion into key markets continues with the addition of Brock Dock and Patio to their dealer base.  Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream Corporation explains, “Mike and his team have built a strong reputation for exceptional service and customer focus – key components to Sunstream’s philosophy.  Brock Dock and Patio and Sunstream bring together the best boat lift and cover systems with the best local support”.

About Sunstream Boat Lifts and Cover Systems

Founded in 1997, Sunstream currently sells its products in over 22 countries globally and is the industry leader in hydraulic boat lifts and cover systems.  From the outset, Sunstream has been focused on making boating smarter and easier.  The SunLift revolutionized the boat lift industry for bottom-resting cantilevered lift design and the FloatLift made it possible to lift your boat in just about any environment.  Building on our passion for innovation Sunstream’s SwiftShield Cover System allows boat owners to cover their boats with a press of a button, eliminating the painful process of snapping on and off a cover every time the boat is used.


About Brock Dock and Patio

Brock Dock and Patio’s focus is selling products and services to make outdoor life and boating better and easier.  Brock Dock has been serving the Highland Lakes region for ten years and is committed to providing the best customer experience imaginable.  Offerings include Sunstream Boat Lifts and Cover Systems, Touchless Boat Covers, Timber-tech Decking, Titan Screens, Sunsetter Retractable Awnings, as well as general marine construction services.


Brock Dock and Patio



Sunstream Corporation

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